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Our Posts, castings and lanterns are built stronger than is needed for commercial installations, to withstand high winds and abuse received in public installations.

Copper or Brass Finials in a variety of sizes and styles are available for the top mounting; concealed vents allow heated air to escape from the fixtures.  Solid brass finials are used on the bottom corners.

The Solid Brass Ward Industries Nameplate on each lantern is your assurance of quality.  Your own custom engraved name plate may be substituted.  Brass screws firmly attach the hood to the copper base, stainless steel set screws hold the lantern to the post.

Clear acrylic glazing panels are standard in our fixtures except for the Victorian replicas which have tinted acrylic panels and our gas lights that have double strength glass.  Clear seeded acrylic offers an antique look to the lantern.  Acrylic panels are glued in place on all four edges to eliminate rattling and dirt or water from entering the lantern and to add strength.  Individual panels can be replaced in the field.  Acrylic will withstand at least 6 times the impact glass can take.


Victorian Replica Lanterns have specially stamped copper corners as part of the base for added strength and authentic style.

Aluminum and Steel bases and brackets are sand blasted, primed and painted black.

A White Aluminum reflector is mounted in the lantern hood.  An optional hood light is available with diffuser glass replacing the reflector.

Standard Wiring is for a single medium base socket for an incandescent bulb.  Optional lighting sources are 2, 3, 4, 5, light clusters, candelabra sockets, and high intensity discharge ballasts.  A ½ inch pipe with an electric socket provides a gas lantern look.

Most of our business is custom or slight variations of our standard models, so we can make whatever you may desire.