Posts and Decorative Bases

 Posts and Decorative Bases
1.  A plastic Acorn Globe, 21" high x 14" wide, on a decorate cast fitter, shown on an 8 ft. high steel post, with a 36.5" high x 13" wide decorative cast aluminum "Middlebury" base with gold leaves.  Nominal wall thickness 5/14", this is a replica French casting.

2.  A 16" smoked plastic sphere with a neckless fitter on our single curved aluminum extruded arm 30" diameter 11 ft. high, and our "French" decorative aluminum base casting 31" high x 12" wide, a replica French casting.

3.  A 42" tall sample steel core pole displaying the 1/2 " thick by 8" square bolt down base plate welded and gussetted to the 0.203" thick 2.875" diameter pole.

4.  Three 14" diameter white plastic spheres with neckless fitters.  50" wide, photographed on a short pole.


5.  "Royal cast aluminum spiral post, 21" tall shown with a Highgate 26-09 raw copper lantern.

6.  "Parliament 2" top casting, (replica English casting) with two Highgate 36-16 raw copper lanterns with 4 light clusters, on a flutted 3.5" diameter aluminum extruded pole 0.219" thick, with our "Middlebury" base casting without leaves.  As photographed 7'8" to the bottom of the arms.

7.  "Pier Base," steel with a bolt down base, shown with a Chelsea 21-12 verdi green post mount lantern on top of it.

8.  "Parliament 3" top casting with gold accented high lights with three Chelsea 35-15 lanterns.  Spiral cast aluminum post below the "arms" and a decorative cast base would be used at the bottom, but was too tall for photography.  This is a replica post as used outside Parliament in London, England.

Different heights, fixtures, spheres and globes can be used with any post; incandescent, gas, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, or metal halide can be the lighting source.  The posts are steel, cast, or extruded aluminum, either bolted, cemented or embedded into the ground.

Posts and decorative bases ... Ward Industries has steel or aluminum posts available; smooth, fluted or spiral, to be used in conjunction with our decorative cast aluminum bases, or on their own.  We also have decorative light duty and heavy duty cast aluminum wall brackets for our lanterns.

Warranties ... Products of Ward Industries are guaranteed against defect for one full year while under proper use.  If any difficulties are encountered, contact the factory or your authorized representative.