Derek Ward, President


My own rigid standards of uncompromising quality and craftsmanship led to the adoption of Best Built as the company philosophy.  Each lamp must meet my personal quality control standards.  You may order from Ward Industries and rest assured that the quality will be consistently superior to other domestic and imported lanterns.”

Derek Ward, founder and president of Ward Industries








The Warm Beauty of Copper

There’s nothing quite like the look of pure copper.  This metal catches rays of light and reflects them in a gentle rainbow of rosy color, to enhance your home or business with the elegant warmth of copper.  Ward Industries introduces a series of handmade copper lanterns available in a wide range of original styles as well as accurate English Victorian replicas.

Coppersmith’s Art

Ward Lanterns are built in the finest tradition of the coppersmith’s art, using a combination of hand crafting skill and modern machinery, each Ward lantern is carefully built to specification and offers uncompromising quality and beauty. We use only the finest 99% pure copper.  All soldering is done on internal surfaces with lap joints to eliminate unsightly solder on outside surfaces.

Standard or Custom

All the Ward Industries fixtures and posts in this brochure are described as photographed.  Each model can be altered to meet your individual needs and tastes by using different colors or acrylic glazing, converting ceiling mount styles to wall mounts and so on, or completely new custom designs.  We can respond to your order quickly with standard models and those with slight variations, ready to ship within fifteen days; special orders will be shipped within four to six weeks.